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The SKiLL-ionaire in Every Child:
Boosting children's socio-emotional skills using the latest in brain research. a book by Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin

Many young people today struggle with social and emotional issues such as low self-esteem, fears, anger, bullying, body image, and depression. The standard approach used in families, schools, and counseling centers, is to focus on what is “going wrong” and solve kids’ problems. Yet, a wide body of recent brain research shows that socio-emotional skills are best cultivated and secured by experiences that evoke positive emotions.

Is it possible to address problems and evoke positive emotions? Yes, it is! In this inspiring book, psychologist Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin teaches adults how to engage young people in “skill-boosting conversations” (SBC), a cutting-edge method to help them identify and further enrich the unique problem-solving strategies that have already been working best for them. Instead of dwelling on how to reduce a child’s impatience for example, you can boost the skill of patience.

Time and again, Beaudoin has seen these conversations lead to exciting transformations. Young people get a boost from having their skills called out and enjoy practicing their newly identified strategies, while parents, educators and counselors relish having concrete and effective ways of enhancing the development of young people’s socio-emotional intelligence.

With its clear and practical approach, and roots deep in neuroscience, The Skill-ionaire in Every Child offers parents, educators, and counselors a proven set of ideas for helping all our kids move forward through life with confidence, competence, and compassion.